Its glittering towers the sun outshine, I feel like traveling on, That heavenly mansion shall be mine, I feel like traveling on. What a great song to remind us what waits for us in Heaven.

Welcome to Creative Faith Art. My mission is to share God's word thru bible art journaling. So what is BIBLE ART JOURNALING?  It is a way to creatively express what the word of God means to each of us through artistic channels, while deepening our faith and walk with God. 

Prayer Cards! What a great way to remember to pray for our loved ones. Used deco foils, acrylics, watercolor pencils, and my favorite stamps.

Fear Not. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the root of David has triumphed. Found this image on Google and had to add it. Such a beautiful representation of Jesus.


​My church, Northview Church ​in Carmel, Indiana, is in a 13 week (2 part) study of Revelation. The last 6 weeks will be this Fall. Many people do not like to read Revelation because of the symbolism, it's hard to understand, or the gloomy pessimism. Revelation is more than that. It means to reveal or to make known.  Come along as I journal and learn more about what God wants us to know about our future.

​As Revelation begins, we find John on the island of Patmos writing to Christians who are being pressured to compromise their faith. John's been given a vision to all 7 churches. Imagine seeing things 2000 yrs from now and trying to describe it. John uses word pictures to help us follow along. Each letter has a specific message for each church. These letters were passed along to the other churches.



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