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Meet Linda Longfellow

Hi Everyone! My name is Linda Longfellow. I am from the Midwest but my heart is near the ocean. I enjoy painting, journaling, crocheting and reading a great novel. I've been journaling for quite some time and recently incorporated that with my bible. I'm also passionately in love with our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Recently I've been having fun with bible art journaling and wanted to share what I've learned with you. My goal is to help answer any questions on technique, supplies or ideas.​

​My career has been in business specifically Human Resources. I've worked in different industries and now I'm in the health field. As much as I enjoy this, truly my passion lies in art journaling. Just can't pay the bills doing this.

​I'm a huge animal lover. Growing up, my family had beagles for hunting. Then I started showing and breeding Labrador Retrievers. I'm very passionate about horses and miss riding and spending time with these beautiful animals. I'm also an advocate for the release of all cetaceans to sea sanctuaries. There is no reason to have dolphins, or whales in captivity. These sentient, magnificent creatures that God created should be kept "free" in the oceans. I can't imagine the pain God feels when one of His animals are abused by humans. Please check out these links: Ric O'Barry at www.dolphinproject.net and Whales and Dolphin Conservation at us.whales.org .

​Why we have to go thru many  trials-only Jesus has that answer but He has been with me every step. I've partied way too many times with surgeons in the operating room. Most recently, I've battle breast cancer for 14 months. I am proud to say that I'm in remission.

Looking forward to what Jesus has for me in 2017 and on.

​I do hope you enjoy this site and if you have any questions please email me. I will do my best to answer all emails.

God Bless,