​​​​​​Creative Faith Art

The inside front cover of the Inspire Bible.

My all time favorite loveable bear. I love what this verse represents. God's word makes us wise. Wisdom comes from allowing God's teachings to guide us. His words are sweeter than honey.

Why are complaining and arguing harmful? If that is all people know about the church, they'll get a false impression of Christ. Belief in Christ should unite those who trust him.

I purchased a Big Shot die cut machine and used the dream cut for Joel 2:28 Your old men will dream dreams.

Eve was approached by Satan in the Garden of Eden where she and Adam lived. Satan questioned her contentment. How could she be happy when she was not allowed to eat from one of the fruit trees?  Satan helped Eve shift her focus from all that God had done and given to the one thing He had withheld. Eve was willing to accept Satan's viewpoint without checking with God. How often is our attention drawn from the much that is ours to the little that isn't? We get that "I've got to have it" feeling. Eve was typical of us all. Our desires, like Eve's, can be quite easily manipulated. We need to keep God in our decision-making process always. His Word, the Bible, is our guidebook in decision making.

Wisdom should affect every aspect of one's life. Things of this world are not to be even compared with knowledge and wisdom of God.

The triumphal entry of Jesus riding into Jerusalem was predicted more than 500 yrs before it happened (Zechariah 9:9). This affirmed Jesus' royalty as well as his humility.

Joseph was the favorite son. He was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery only to emerge as ruler of all Egypt. The story of Joseph teaches us how suffering, no matter how unfair, develops strong character and deep wisdom.

Joseph's robe was the kind worn by royalty-long sleeved, ankle length and colorful. Joseph was betrayed and deserted by his family, exposed to sexual temptation, and punished for doing the right thing; he endured a long imprisonment and was forgotten by those he helped.

Perhaps you can identify with one or more of these hardships. Joseph's positive response

transformed each setback into a step forward. He didn't spend time asking why. His approach was, what shall I do now. Everyone who met Joseph were aware that God was with him. When you're facing a setback, acknowledge that God is with you.

The Shepherd's role was to function as a gate; letting the sheep in and out and protecting them. Jesus is the gate to God's salvation for us. Christ is our protector.

The Story of Creation. We wonder how our world came to be. But we find the answer. God created the earth and everything in it, and made humans like himself. The Bible not only tells us that the world was created by God; it tells us who this God is. It reveals God's personality, his character, and his plan for his creation. It also reveals God's deepest desire: to relate to and fellowship with the people he created. God took the ultimate step toward fellowship with us through his visit to this planet in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. We can know in a very personal way this God who created the universe and loves us.

Samson had tremendous potential but wasted his strength on practical jokes and getting out of trouble. He was given enormous strength to help him accomplish God's plan-rescue Israel from the Philistines. Samson could've wiped out the Philistines and returned Israel to the worship of God. Still, Samson did accomplish the purpose God intended. After being deceived by Delilah, imprisoned and blinded, Samson recognized his dependence on God. When he died, God turned Samson's defeats into victory. Samson's story teaches us, it is never too late to start over. No matter how badly we have failed in the past, today is not too late to put our complete trust in God.

Ps 34:4 "I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears." We have all been fearful of something. Isn't it great to know that our Lord has set us free from fear!